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Research laboratory

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WISO Research Lab
Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences
Von-Melle-Park 5
20146 Hamburg

Our services

  • programming and advice on CATI and CAPI surveys,
  • full service: conducting CATI and CAPI surveys; questionnaires advice and design; sampling procedures; pre-tests
  • field management; supervision; interviewers; data collection, cleansing and archiving; 41 mobile 2-in-1 tablet computers for CAPI
  • programming and advice for online surveys and online experiments using an online survey tool
  • full service: online survey tool server; project management; participant pool (Hamburg panel with more than 1,000 citizens of Hamburg)
  • data backup and archiving
  • programing and advice for PAPT surveys in software for electronic examinations, full service: OCR scan and validation stations for fully automated collection of large numbers of paper questionnaires