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Please note that there will be no further volumes to the ConWEB series as of 2010. ConWEB is being turned into a full paper journal named “Global Constitutionalism”, published by Cambridge University Press. The editors of “Global Constitutionalism” are:

- Mattias Kumm, WZB Berlin and NYU Law

- Miguel Poiares Maduro, EUI Law

- Anthony F. Lang, St. Andrews Politics/IR

- Antje Wiener, Hamburg Politics/IR

- James Tully, Victoria Politics/Theory (as consulting editor)


Call for Papers

Global Constitutionalism – World of Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law



A new journal – forthcoming in January 2012


Global Constitutionalism – World of Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law (GlobCon) seeks to promote a deeper understanding on the foundations, limitations and principles of political order and their dynamics over time on a global scale. The journal is interested in work that refers to constitutionalism as a template for empirical, conceptual or normative research on past, present and future political and legal practices, within and beyond the state.

Constitutionalism is understood here not as the study of a legal document, but as a reference frame for interdisciplinary research with a particular focus. Constitutionalism in a wide sense is associated with the study of the constitutive elements of legal and political practice that are central for the assessment of its legality or legitimacy. Constitutionalism does not presuppose the existence of a written constitution. It merely presupposes the interplay between social and institutional practices in which claims to legality and, therefore, legitimate authority, and democracy are central. Constitutionalism analyses the role of fundamental norms, the type of actors, and the institutions and procedures through which legal and political decisions are made.  In a more narrow modern sense constitutionalism focuses on the basic ideas relating to justice (such as human rights), procedural fairness and participation (e.g. democracy) and the rule of law as they relate to institutional practices and policies in and beyond the state.

GlobCon invites submissions from scholars of International Law, Political Science, International Relations, Comparative Constitutional Law, Comparative Politics, Political Theory and Philosophy for its first issue to be published in January 2012. GlobCon is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that seeks to develop interdisciplinary discourse about global constitutionalism. It welcomes submissions on a wide range of topics related to constitutionalism, human rights, democracy and the rule of law.


The Journal's editorial board is comprised of scholars from International Law, International Relations, International Political Theory and Philosophy: Mathias Albert, Richard Bellamy, Seyla Benhabib, Armin v. Bogdandy, John Borrows,  Jutta Brunnée, Michael Byers, Carlos Closa, Gordon Christie, Jean L. Cohen, Grainne de Burca, Avigail Eisenberg, Michelle Everson, Ezzedine Choukri Fishere, Rainer Forst, Friedrich Kratochwil, Jürgen Neyer, Konrad Ng, Nicholas G. Onuf, Robert Post, Susan Rose-Ackerman , Kim Rubenstein, Joanne Scott, Rainer Schmalz-Bruns, Jo Shaw, Quentin Skinner, Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Stephen Toope, Neil Walker, Jeremy Webber and Michael Zürn. 



Manuscripts for consideration should be submitted via email to the journal’s managing assistant Mr. Sassan Gholiagha. His E-Mail address is grafik linksassan.gholiagha(at)

GlobCon will review articles up to 15,000 words (including notes and bibliography), although authors will be encouraged to reduce their papers to fewer than 12,000 words before publication. Brevity is encouraged and shorter papers will be advantaged in acceptance decisions. Please include a word count with submission, along with an abstract of approximately 200 words which is not repeated from the paper itself. Please include up to five keywords for the article. Authors should submit both a complete version of the manuscript and an anonymous version, stripped of all identifying references to the author(s) that can be sent to reviewers. The citation style of the submission should either be Chicago or Harvard Style. Please do not use endnotes. Submissions are accepted now.


Any enquiries can be sent via email to the journal’s managing assistant Mr. Sassan Gholiagha. His E-Mail address is grafik linksassan.gholiagha(at)  


Herr / Mr. Sassan Gholiagha, M.A.

Managing Assistant

Global Constitutionalism

University of Hamburg

Centre for Globalisation and Governance

Welckerstraße 8

20146 Hamburg


Tel: +49 40 42838-8610

Email: grafik linksassan.gholiagha(at)