Editorial Board

Mathias Albert
Michelle Everson
Juergen Neyer
Shane O'Neill
Thomas Pfister
Joanne Scott
Jo Shaw
Stephen Toope


Neil Walker
Jeremy Webber

University of Bielefeld (Politics)
Birckbeck College, London (Law)
University of Frankfurt/Oder (Politics)
Queen's University, Belfast (Politics)
University of Konstanz (Politics)
University College London (Law)
University of Edinburgh (Law, former co-editor)
University of British Columbia, President
(Law, former co-editor)
University of Edinburgh (Law)
University of Victoria (Law)

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ConWEB was founded within the framework of the UACES Study Group on Constitutionalism and Governance Beyond the State by Jo Shaw (Law, Edinburgh) and Antje Wiener. The first ConWEB issues include a number of papers that had been presented at a series of workshops organised by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the Queen's University of Belfast and the Jean Monnet Chair of European Law at the University of Manchester co-sponsored by the grafik linkUniversity Association of European Studies (UACES).