STiNE is UHH’s computer program that digitally stores and organizes student and class information such as admissions, grades, dates, deadlines, exam notices and other university information.


The advantage is its purpose as a main outlet to check things important for you, such as enrollment, refunds and class updates. The disadvantage is its frustrating tendency to automatically override special administration and student circumstances.


Every student has a STiNE account, and it is important to activate your personal STiNE, even if it is rarely used (luckily there is an English language option). Startup usernames and passwords are given with your semester enrollment form (Semesterbescheinigung), called STiNE Benutzerkennung and STiNE Kennwort.


From there, go to STiNE’s website and begin the sign-in process. Visit the Regional Computer Center (Schlüterstrasse 70, Room 19, ground floor) Monday to Friday from 10am–5pm, or send an email, for questions on setting up email accounts and login difficulties.