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You are now on the starting page of the hroot- testing server of the WiSo-Research Laboratory at the University of Hamburg. If you are interested in getting to know the structure and the features of hroot you can sign up here.

Since this is a test server please note that the data used is not real. We will also delete every change after each day. This means you are free to try anything you want.

All emails are forwarded to a publicly available inbox at If you signup, change your password, send invitations or messages, all emails will appear in this mailbox. Everybody can read this, don't use real names, real addresses, real emails, real passwords or anything else from the real world on this server - there are other people on this server, too!

Please note that some features are not available due to the lack of real data. This concerns mainly the Mail delivery.

Please use the following information to log in:

  User Experimenter Administrator
Password test92test! Experi01_ admin_12345

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