The title of the Centre for Economic and Sociological Studies clearly describes what we do. Our work is fundamentally defined by its interdisciplinary character, straddling the mainstream disciplines of economics – both economic theory and business administration – and sociology, particularly history of sociology and law and political science. Both disciplines have furthermore been thoroughly integrated into the equally established and changing discipline of social economics.

The classical concept of socioeconomics acts as a point of reference for us, both in terms of scientific and object theory. Max Weber defined socioeconomics as the study of economic and economically relevant occurrences in terms of their conditionality upon extra-economic factors, and the study of extra-economic factors in terms of their conditionality upon economic causes and structures.

The work of the Centre for Economic and Sociological Studies is further characterized by its focus on plurality and sociological critique, both in relation to core social scientific principles and methodology. This approach to socioeconomics also encompasses systematic and theoretical, empirical and quantitative research, as well as research on the history of ideas and dogmas, and orientation and design (e.g., historical sociology). Two criteria to which we are committed in all our research are the relation to everyday reality and relevance in the practice of economics.