Grischa Perino is Professor of Economics, especially Environmental Economics at the Department of Socioeconomics, University of Hamburg. Until March 2013 he was Senior Lecturer in Economics (2008 - 2012, Lecturer) at the University of East Anglia in Norwich (UK). He held a visiting position at the University of Cambridge (2009) and worked as a Post-Doc at the University of Heidelberg (2007-2008).

He studied economics as an undergraduate (Vordiplom) at the University of Bonn and at master’s level (Diplom-Volkswirt) at the University of Freiburg. He obtained a MSc in Environmental and Resource Economics from University College London and a PhD in Economics (Dr. rer. pol.) from the University of Heidelberg.

Grischa Perino’s research interests include several areas in environmental economics, especially instrument choice, environmental innovations, intrinsic motivation to protect the environment and the valuation of urban ecosystem services. His focus is on applied microeconomic theory but he has also run experiments (lab and field) and worked empirically. More about his research interests and current projects can be found on the Research page.

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Please arrange an appointment by email: grischa.perino[at]wiso.uni-hamburg[dot]de


Selected Publications

Timo Goeschl and Grischa Perino (2015) The Climate Policy Hold-Up: Green Technologies, Intellectual Property Rights, and the Abatement Incentives of International Agreements, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, forthcoming

Michael Brock, Grischa Perino and Robert Sugden (2015) The warden attitude: an investigation of the value of interaction with everyday wildlife, Environmental and Resource Economics, DOI 10.1007/s10640-015-9979-9

Grischa Perino (2015) Climate campaigns, cap-and-trade and carbon leakage: Why reducing your carbon footprint can harm the climate, Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2(3), 469-495, (final version)

Grischa Perino, Luca A. Panzone and Timothy Swanson (2014) Motivation crowding in real consumption decisions: Who is messing with my groceries?, Economic Inquiry, 52(2), 592-607.

Grischa Perino and Olena Talavera (2014) The benefits of spatially differentiated regulation: The response to acid rain by United States' states prior to the Acid Rain Program, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 96(1), 108-123.

Bateman, I.J., Harwood, A.R., Mace, G.M., Watson, R.T., Abson, D., Andrews, B., Binner, A., Crowe, A., Day, B.H., Dugdale, S., Fezzi, C., Foden, J., Hadley, D., Haines-Young, R., Hulme, M., Kontoleon, A., Lovett, A.A., Munday, P., Pascual, U., Paterson, J., Perino, G., Sen, A., Siriwardena, G., van Soest, D. and Termansen, M. (2013) Bringing Ecosystem Services into Economic Decision-Making: Land Use in the United Kingdom, Science 341(6141), 45-50.

Grischa Perino and Till Requate (2012) Does more stringent environmental regulation induce or reduce technology adoption?: When the rate of technology adoption is inverted U-shaped, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 64(3), 456-467.

Timo Goeschl and Grischa Perino (2012) Instrument Choice and Motivation: Evidence from a Climate Change Experiment, Environmental and Resource Economics 52(2), 195-212.

Grischa Perino (2010) Technology Diffusion with Market Power in the Upstream Industry, Environmental and Resource Economics 46(4), 403-428.

Grischa Perino (2010) How Delegation Improves Commitment, Economics Letters, 106(2), 137-139.

Timo Goeschl and Grischa Perino (2007) Innovation without magic bullets: Stock pollution and R&D sequences, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 54(2), 146-161.


Complete List of Publications

Working Papers

Working Papers

Grischa Perino and Maximilian Willner (2015) The price and emission effects of a market stability reserve in a competitive allowance market, WiSo-HH Working Paper Series, No. 28, August 2015, non-technical summary

Johannes Jarke and Grischa Perino (2015) Do Renewable Energy Policies Reduce Carbon Emissions? On Caps and Inter-Industry Leakage, WiSo-HH Working Paper Series, No. 21, February 2015

Sonja Köke and Grischa Perino (2014) How to Measure Life Satisfaction: a Constructive Critique

Grischa Perino and Thomas Pioch (2015) Banning light bulbs in the shadow of the EU Emission Trading System

Grischa Perino (2011) Price Discrimination Based on Downstream Regulation: Evidence from the Market for SO2 Scrubbers, CCP Working Paper 10-9

Media coverage

Media coverage

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