Maximilian has been a PhD-candidate since April 2015 and has also been working as student research assistant and academic tutor. The working title of his dissertation project is: “Reforming Emissions Trading – Abatement, Investment and Regulatory Uncertainty“. Before, he worked as an intern for the German Foreign Office in Berlin and the ThyssenKrupp AG in Dortmund.

During his undergraduate studies of International Relations (BA) at TU Dresden and U Nantes, Maximilian majored in international economics and international public law. Later, he studied Economics (MSc) at U Hamburg with a personal focus on climate and environmental economics. Like during the times of his master studies, he receives a scholarship from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation for his PhD.

Besides his primary inquiries concerning environmental economics, Maximilian enriches his research with findings from behavioural, climate, institutional and resource economics. Within this context, the impacts of different uncertainties in the economic system on boundedly rational market participants and their decision-making are of particular interest to him.