Prof. Thomas Siedler (PhD)

Room: 2107
Phone: +49 40 42838 9460
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Email: Thomas.Siedler[at]wiso.uni-hamburg[dot]de

Office hours: During term: Tuesday 16-17h (for appointments please contact Thomas.Siedler[at]wiso.uni-hamburg[dot]de); During break: on appointment

Research Interest

Labor Economics, Health Economics, Family Economics, Applied Microeconometrics

Short CV

Thomas Siedler is Professor of Economics with a focus on Microeconometrics at the University of Hamburg. He received both his PhD and his MSc in Applied Economics and Data Analysis at the University of Essex (UK) in 2007. At the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, he obtained his Diploma in Economics.

Thomas Siedler is a core member of the Hamburg Center for Health Economics (hche), Research Associate at the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) at the University of Essex, Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Bonn and member of the Berlin Network of Labor Market Research (BeNA).

Thomas Siedler published in the Economic Journal, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Health Economics, Demography, Health Economics, Economic Letters, Economica, Labour Economics, Economics of Transition, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Population Economics, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Population and Development Review and Behavior Genetics.

Full CV


A. Articles in Economic and Econometric Journals

"Intergenerational Correlations of Extreme Right-Wing Party Preferences and Attitudes toward Immigration" (with A. Avdeenko), forthcoming at the Scandinavian Journal of Economics.

"Political Socialization in Flux? Linking Family Non-Intactness during Childhood to Adult Civic Engagement" (2016), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, 179(3), 1-25 (with T. Hener and H. Rainer), in press.

"The Earnings Returns to Graduating with Honors - Evidence from Law Graduates" (2015), Labour Economics, 34, 39-50 (with R. Freier and M. Schumann).

“Reducing Binge Drinking? The Effect of a Ban on Late-Night Off-Premise Alcohol Sales on Alcohol-Related Hospital Stays” (2015)Journal of Public Economics, 123, 55-77 (with J. Marcus).

“Parental Unemployment and Young People’s Extreme Right-Wing Party Affinity: Evidence from Panel Data” (2011), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, 174(3), 737-758.

“One last Puff? Public Smoking Bans and Smoking Behavior” (2011), Journal of Health Economics, 30(3), 591-601 (with S. Anger and M. Kvasnicka).

“The Effect of Lone Motherhood on the Smoking Behaviour of Young Adults” (2010), Health Economics, 19(11), 1377-1384 (with M. Francesconi and S. Jenkins).

“Schooling and Citizenship in a Young Democracy: Evidence from Postwar Germany” (2010), Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 112(2), 315-338.

"Childhood Family Structure and Schooling Outcomes: Evidence from Germany" (2010), Journal of Population Economics, 23(3), 1073-1103 (with M. Francesconi and S. Jenkins).

“Measuring People’s Trust” (2009), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, 172(4), 749-769 (with J. Ermisch, D. Gambetta, H. Laurie and N. Uhrig).

“Does Democracy foster Trust?” (2009), Journal of Comparative Economics, 37(2), 251-269 (with H. Rainer).

“O Brother, Where Art Thou? The Effect of Having a Sibling on Geographic Mobility and Labour Market Outcomes” (2009), Economica, 76(303), 528-556 (with H. Rainer).

“The Role of Social Networks in Determining Migration and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from the German Reunification” (2009), Economics of Transition, 17(1), 739-767 (with H. Rainer).

"Subjective Income and Employment Expectations and Preferences for Redistribution"(2008), Economics Letters, 99(3), 449-453 (with H. Rainer).

"Intergenerational Mobility and Marital Sorting" (2006), Economic Journal, 116(July), 659-679 (with J. Ermisch and M. Francesconi).

“Die Dauer von Arbeitslosigkeit in Deutschland und Großbritannien: Ein internationaler Vergleich (1990-1995) (2001), Mitteilungen aus der Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung, 34(4), 402-418 (with L. Kaiser).


B. Articles in Multidisciplinary Journals

"Cohort profile: The Berlin Aging Study II (BASE-II)" (2014), International Journal of Epidemiology, 43(3), 703-712 (with L. Bertram, A. Böckenhoff, I. Demuth, S. Düzel, R. Eckart, S.-C. Li, U. Lindenberg, G. Pawelec, G. Wagner and E. Steinhagen-Thiessen).

“Meet the Parents? Family Size and the Geographic Proximity Between Adult Children and Older Mothers in Sweden” (2013), Demography, 50(3), 903-931 (with H. Holmlund and H. Rainer).

"Family Location and Caregiving Patterns from an Internationale Perspective" (2012), Population and Development Review, 38(2), 337-351 (with H. Rainer).

“The Complexity of Personality: Advantages of a Genetically Sensitive Multi-Group Design” (2012), Behavior Genetics, 42, 221-233 (with E. Hahn, C. Kandler, G. Wagner, J. Schupp and F. Spinath).


C. Working Papers and Work in Progress

"Intergenerational Mobility and Preferences for Redistribution" (with B. Sonnenberger).

"Job Loss Fears and (Extreme) Party Identification: First Evidence from Panel Data" (with I. Geishecker).

"Job Information Centers, Education and Labor Market Outcomes" (with N. Saniter).

"Tuition Fees and Students' Educational Expectations" (with M. Bahrs and B. Streim).

"Door Opener or Waste of Time? The Effects of Internship on Labor Market Outcomes" (with N. Saniter and M. Schumann).