Study Abroad Possibilities

To gain the intercultural competences, MiBA students with German educational background are required to spend the third (and sometimes choose to spend the fourth) semester abroad. It could also be possible to obtain a double degree by combining MiBA with a one-year Master program at a university abroad. The international students usually gather the studying abroad experience by staying in Germany during their MiBA studies. 

The exceptions for the both student groups are reviewed on case by case basis and decided by the Master committee. In such a case please send a written request through the exam coordinator or if you have questions contact the MiBA program director or coordinator. 

How do I find a suitable program for a semester abroad?

• Use the partnerships of the MiBA Program

Shanghai, China (ECUST)

Have you ever dreamt of exploring Asia? Since 2005 MiBA cooperates with the East China University of Science & Technology (ECUST). After a year in Hamburg and a year in Shanghai there is a possibility for qualified students to receive a Double Degree from both universities - Master of Arts in International Business Administration from the University of Hamburg and Master of Business Administration from ECUST. To get more information about the program please see the Internal Area.

St. Petersburg, Russia (FINEC)

Students who would like to gain intercultural experience within Russian-speaking community and to get to know the way of doing business in Russia are welcome to spend one exchange semester in the German-Russian program “MiBA Master of International Business administration Hamburg – St. Petersburg” at the highly ranked State University of Economics and Finance (FINEC) located in the culural capital of Russia - St. Petersburg.  

Originally only offered at the University of Hamburg and exported in 2005 to Russia, MiBA offers now also at the FINEC its internationally successful program. You will be taught in English by lecturers from the universities and you have the great opportunity to gain your intercultural experience and to get closer to national particularities in the field of international management. To get more information about exchange, please turn to Mrs. Balte, coordinator of MiBA Hamburg-St. Petersburg, or go to the program website.

• Use the network of Erasmus partner universities of FB Sozialökonomie. 

If you are interested in studying in Europe, you can get information about the special Erasmus partnerships that our faculty developed with Master programs of other European higher educational institutions. The application is made through the International Office of the Wiso Faculty. Please contact institutional coordinator Andrea Brückman for more information and specific questions. 

• Use the partnerships of the Hamburg University. 

University of Hamburg maintains direct exchange programs with partner universities in the USA, Canada, France, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia and many countries in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. You can find out more about the partner institutions in the Database. These universities usually guarantee students an exemption from tuition fees. Please send your queries to the responsible contact person.