The Asia-Link Program is an initiative by the European Commission to promote regional and multilateral networking between higher education institutions in Europe and developing countries in Asia. Partnership projects can undertake activities in one or more of the following three areas: Human Resource Development, Curriculum Development and Institutions & Systems Development. The project ran at the University of Hamburg (coordinating university, thereafter as UHH), together with other 4 partner institutions from Denmark (Aalborg University), China (East Chinese University of Science and Technology Shanghai) and Vietnam (National Economic University; Foreign Trade University Hanoi), focuses on Curriculum Development for an interdisciplinary M.A. in Asian European Management with crosscut to Human Resource Development (training of junior teaching staff from Asian partner institutions).

Total grant from EU and financial contribution from participating universities are 400,000 Euro. The project started with a minimum delay in February 2006. Main objectives include:

  • Joint development of a multidisciplinary curriculum for the  M.A specialization in Asian-European Management.
  • Organising sustainable cross cut relations and interdisciplinary cooperation between the academic units working in Business Administration and in European/Asian Studies from the 5 partners
  • Target groups: academic staff, administrators, students
  • Joint development of course and training material in English
  • Conducting short teaching stays (1-3 months) for Asian staff members in Europe
  • Implementation of the Modules at the partner universities
  • Organizing European-Asian student exchange after implementing the program

In fall 2008, the output of the project – the Asian-European Management Certificate Program as well as the developed modules were successfully integrated into the exiting Master’s degree programs at the University of Hamburg (MiBA, lead role of the project); Aalborg University in Denmark (IB) and the East China University of Science and Technology (IMBA).

Current Stage: The project "Asian-Link" was terminated in July 2009. However the AEM Specialisation will further remain a key component of the MiBA, IB and IMBA programmes.