Welcome to the Internationalization Webpages of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences

Universität Hamburg has become firmly established as an attractive study and research location which is recognized worldwide.

Pursuing its aim to promote internationalization the Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences particularly focuses on improving the scientific quality of research, strengthening international research cooperation, improving the Faculty’s international profile and reputation, and increasing international mobility in teaching and studies. 

The process of internationalizing research, study and teaching is supported by a number of measures beyond the actual field of action, including among others the introduction of international master’s degree studies in English and the creation of favorable conditions for both international students and visiting scholars.   

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Prof. Dr. Dirk Ulrich Gilbert

Prodekan Internationalisierung und Fakultätsentwicklung
Universität Hamburg
Fakultät Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften
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